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The Delegacy, appointed from the academic staff of the University, has overall responsibility for the affairs of the Press. It meets regularly throughout the year, receives reports on the management of the Press from the Chief Executive and Finance Committee, and reviews and authorizes publications.

The Delegacy has established a Finance Committee which, under the general authority of the Delegates, directs and manages the business, assets, and finances of the Press. The Finance Committee consists of a chairman elected by the Delegates, the Vice-Chancellor, the Senior Proctor, six Delegates, and four individuals possessing high qualifications in business or finance (comparable to independent non-executive directors on corporate boards), together with the Chief Executive, the Press Finance Director, and up to five senior officers of the Press appointed by the Delegates.

Meetings of Finance Committee and Sub-Committees

Attendance at meetings is shown in the table below.

Members Finance Committee (max 6) Remuneration Sub-Committee (max 2) Audit Committee (max 4) Nominations Committee (max 1)
The Vice-Chancellor 4 1 - 1
The Senior Proctor 6 - - -
John Vickers 6 2 - 1
Nigel Portwooda 6 - - -
Paul Craig 2 - - -
Andrew Hurrell 6 - 4 -
Joanna Innes 6 - 4 -
Mari Sako 6 2 - 1
Ian Walmsley 4 - - -
Chris Wickham 1 (max 3) - - -
Kathy Willis 2 (max 3) - - -
Tim Bartona 6 - - -
Giles Spackmana 6 - - -
Peter Marshalla 6 - - -
Kate Harrisa 6 - - -
Wendy Beckerb 2 (max 3) 1 (max 1) - -
Hugh Crispb 6 2 4 -
James Crosbyb 3 (max 3) - (max 1) 2 (max 2) -
Richard Ensorb 6) 2 2 (max 2) -
Charlotte Hoggb 5 2 3 -

a Executive members of the Finance Committee

b External members of the Finance Committee

The Delegacy of the University Press

Professor Louise Richardson (Vice-Chancellor)

Dr Mark Whittow (Senior Proctor)

Dr Elizabeth Gemmill (Junior Proctor)

Dr Luke Pitcher (Assessor)

Professor Andrew Burrows

Professor Paul Craig

Professor Mary Dalrymple

Professor Carol Harrison

Professor Stephen Harrison

Professor Andrew Hurrell

Professor Joanna Innes

Professor Christopher Kennard

Professor Laura Marcus

Professor Adrian Moore

Professor Kevin O'Rourke (from 1 Oct 16)

Professor Mari Sako

Professor Endre Suli

Sir John Vickers

Professor Ian Walmsley

Professor Kate Watkins

Professor John Watts (from 1 Oct 16)

Professor Chris Wickham (to 30 Sept 16)

Professor Kathy Willis

The Finance Committee of the Delegacy

Professor Louise Richardson (Vice-Chancellor)

Dr Mark Whittow (Senior Proctor)

Sir John Vickers (Chair)

Professor Paul Craig

Professor Andrew Hurrell

Professor Joanna Innes

Proessor Mari Sako

Professor Ian Walmsley

Professor Chris Wickham (to 30 Sept 16)

Professor Kathy Willis (from 1 Oct 16)

Mr Nigel Portwood (Chief Executive)

Mr Giles Spackman (Group Finance Director)

Mr Tim Barton (MD of Academic Division)

Ms Kate Harris (MD of Oxford Education Division)

Mr Peter Marshall (MD of ELT Division)

Ms Wendy Becker (external member from 1 Oct 16)

Mr Hugh Crisp (external member)

Mr James Crosby (external member to 30 Sept 16)

Mr Richard Ensor (external member)

Ms Charlotte Hogg (external member)

Executive Committee

Mr Nigel Portwood

Mr Giles Spackman

Mr Tim Barton

Ms Kate Harris

Mr Peter Marshall

Mr Adrian Mellor

Ms Rachel Goode

Mr Paul Lomas

Ms Jo Marks

Mr Simon Peachey

Ms Catherine Pearce

Mr Andrew Wigmore