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Oxford University Press is driven to change and enrich lives through education. A deep understanding of learning and pedagogy enables OUP to reach students and teachers around the world and in 2016 the Press produced more than 10,000 educational titles across 86 languages, as well as training more than 350,000 teachers.

Education Overview

The Press delivered a strong financial performance across its education markets this year, against a backdrop of continuing volatility, with changes to regulatory frameworks and education policy in many countries and regions. 

Some markets returned to growth, however, and generally there were more stable levels of education spend. The Press delivered strong growth in the UK Secondary market, retaining its position as the pre-eminent publisher, while opportunities afforded by a new curriculum in Australian schools enabled OUP to grow its market share.

There is an increasing shift toward English Medium Instruction (EMI) in non-English-speaking countries. The drivers for these schools to transition to EMI are varied and include ministry initiatives and the desire to establish competitive advantage in private school open markets. It is this emergent EMI segment in primary and secondary schools that presents a significant opportunity for OUP to build on both curriculum publishing and ELT, and support those schools with professional development for the teachers.

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