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Foreword by the Vice-Chancellor

Oxford University Images/John Cairns

Foreword by the Vice-Chancellor

I am pleased to introduce this year’s Annual Report, which illustrates the University and OUP’s shared commitment to advancing excellence in education, research, and scholarship. It is, as always, difficult to overestimate the central importance of OUP to the University.

Louise Richardson,
University of Oxford


Through its extensive print and digital publishing, training programmes, online courses, and resource provision, the Press enables the University to have a truly global reach and impact. From providing leading academics with top-quality journals, to training tens of thousands of teachers and working with charities to give children in Mosul access to essential learning materials, OUP is the University’s voice on the outside, be it in English, Urdu, or Tamil. Our values, our goals, and our central belief in the essential importance of what we do here in Oxford reach new and growing audiences through the work of the Press.


The relationship between the University and OUP is a very close one. The Press draws upon institutional research and teaching expertise to enrich and inform its products, and harnesses the University’s brand to extend the OUP reach.

The University is the grateful recipient of an exceptional level of support from OUP, which has, for example, contributed millions of pounds to the University’s Clarendon Scholars Fund. The extraordinary students who benefit from this support are the very women and men to whom the word ‘youthquake’ (the Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year in 2017) might accurately be applied―fiercely intelligent, articulate, and committed to making the world a better, safer, more equitable place.


Rapid advancements in technology are affecting all our lives and it is fascinating to see how OUP is responding to the challenges and opportunities that are offered by these ongoing developments. Whether by signing up to the Initiative for Open Citations, increasing our ability to ‘print on demand’, or launching new websites in Asia, OUP leads the way in widening access to teaching and learning resources.

Indeed, one reason for OUP’s ongoing success is that it does not rest on its laurels but works tirelessly to maintain its pre-eminent position whilst adapting to the increasingly fluid business and consumer demands of the twenty-first century. OUP seeks what Tennyson called the ever-moving margins of the ‘untraveled world’. Its achievements are the result of an uncompromising commitment to excellence across the board and to the professionalism, creativity, and innovation of its staff. In a recent employee survey, an overwhelming percentage of those who responded said that they believe that OUP is genuinely committed to making a positive impact on education and research. In the pages that follow, you will see why that faith is justified.