Higher Education

Throughout 2019/20, the Higher Education (HE) market continued to see a shift from print to digital, accelerated by many customers moving to an inclusive access model where institutions subscribe students to digital resources. This had a significant effect on print sales, causing the market to contract and impacting our HE sales revenue. By contrast, the inclusive access model benefited our US ebook sales which were up 82 per cent on last year, and we also launched a new enhanced eBook programme that improves learning experience through videos, simulations, and end of chapter assessments.


Despite the market contraction in the US, we published 56 first editions, including two—Art Matters and Living Sociologically—for major introductory markets where we didn’t previously have products, as well as 35 second or third editions, creating opportunity for future growth. Elsewhere, we saw a decline in HE revenue in Canada, although we expect strong publishing over the coming year to drive greater sales.


In the UK, our HE market share grew slightly and while print sales declined, digital revenue achieved a solid 29 per cent growth. UK scholarly platforms Politics Trove and Law Trove both performed well with the latter gaining new institutional deals at Royal Holloway, University of Essex, Leeds Beckett University, and its first adoption in Europe at Maastricht University.

In Australia and New Zealand, our HE publishing remained focused on Education, Law, and Health Sciences, and included new editions of the very successful Language, Literacy, and Early Childhood Education, and Classroom Management. How Brands Grow also celebrated its ten-year anniversary having sold more than 100,000 copies and received 11 translations to date.


In India, the government announced the formation of new union territories within the country. We reacted quickly, amending both our English and Hindi editions of the popular Oxford Student Atlas for India, making it the first publication to release an updated version. The English edition of the title also now includes the Oxford Areal App, which enables students to access additional exercises, reference maps, and learning resources via their devices.