Career Development

We aim to ensure our employees have career development opportunities, and our recruitment processes are inclusive and reflect the diverse markets in which we operate.

We released our latest UK gender pay report in February, capturing data for the financial year ending March 2019, in line with UK government regulations. It revealed that our median pay gap has decreased from 13.4 per cent to 12.5 per cent. The mean pay gap also showed a decrease from 23.1 per cent last year, to 22.1 this year. We have a number of initiatives in place to help us minimize the pay gap further in the future, both in the UK and globally. These include providing mentoring opportunities for women through the 30% Club Cross Company Mentoring Programme; unconscious bias training; blind screening of candidates for senior roles; and running networks and events to inspire and support women with their career development.


In May 2019, we ran the Mentor Matching Scheme in which 182 mentorship pairs were matched globally, and we also celebrated Learning at Work Week by running a series of virtual sessions on topics from mindfulness to personal effectiveness and finding your ‘career mojo.’ In total, we held 38 sessions over five days, which were attended by 1,661 employees around the world.

At OUP, we offer a suite of leadership and management programmes to support and develop our leaders. In the UK we launched a management apprenticeship which saw 40 managers training towards either a Level 3 or Level 5 qualification. We also continued to provide our Management Essentials course for new managers, and our Leadership in Practice programme for senior leadership.


In the UK and US, our Recruitment Team ran career fairs to showcase various jobs and career paths available at OUP. The fairs included information stands and panel discussions on topics such as developing a growth mindset and networking, while additional sessions offered guidance on refining curriculum vitaes (CVs).


We also continued our internship programme in the UK and US, welcoming 23 interns for a six-week period, and in the UK we increased access to the programme by removing the requirement for applicants to have a degree qualification or be studying at university.

This year, we also provided all employees with a licence to LinkedIn Learning, which offers more than 15,000 courses to support a range of industries. To date, more than half of all employees have benefited from the programme.