Charitable Partnerships

We aim to make a positive impact on the world through education and research, and by supporting the communities in which we work.

This year, we partnered with a range of charitable organizations to help us to further our mission across the world. Our long-standing relationship with Book Aid International continued. As a result of our £10,000 donation which spanned both this and last financial year, Book Aid was able to ship more than 5,000 brand new books to refugee camps across Greece. These resources are being used to support small libraries and workshops in the camps, which provide communal spaces for learning activities such as language lessons.


In the UK, we continued to work with Crisis and ARCh (Assisted Reading for Children in Oxfordshire), by donating both funding and employee volunteering time. Crisis offers education and advocacy to homeless people across the country, while ARCh trains volunteers to help primary school children with their reading. We extended our partnership with the Orwell Youth Prize—an annual writing programme that aims to inspire critical thinking and introduce 12-18-year-olds to the power of language. In addition to our financial donation, OUP employees now have the opportunity to volunteer with the organization by giving feedback to the young writers.

In India, we helped to set up a new learning and skill development centre in Noida, through our ongoing collaboration with Literacy India. The centre will provide education and skills development to approximately 100 children and young adults. We also have an ongoing partnership with the Hope Kolkata Foundation through which we set up three new digital learning labs at shelter homes run by the Foundation, supporting more than 200 resident students to improve their computer literacy and digital skills. We also supported the Foundation’s Sports Development Programme to train approximately 450 students from five different homes in a variety of sports.


OxfordAQAour joint venture with academic awarding body AQAlaunched the Go Further Awards in celebration of outstanding student performance. The awards have three categories, including Top Marks which recognizes students with the highest exam score; Project Specialist which recognizes those with the best coursework projects; and Outstanding Achiever which recognizes students who surpass their school’s grade expectations in OxfordAQA subjects. In its first year, 150 students from across the Middle East, China, and South East Asia received an award.

In Australia, we worked with our New Zealand-based partner Edify to support its Summer Slide initiative, which aims to prevent a drop in reading levels over the Christmas break among students in low socio-economic areas. In total, 12 schools from the South Auckland area participated and children chose up to ten books from a reading list to encourage them to read throughout the break. As well as getting to keep the books for the holidays, they were visited by a teacher or teacher aide to check on their progress. OUP and Edify worked together to ensure that the hundreds of individual packs were ready for students prior to the end of the school year.